Customer Service Policy

Your pet portraits are very important to me and a large part of my business is repeat trade. Whether it be a dog, cat, or even a cow portrait I aim to give 100% satisfaction to you.
All my pet portraits are done from your photos and so you are ordering a product you cannot see. That is why you do not pay the full balance until you have seen an e-mailed photo of the finished pet portrait or if you collect from me you can actually see it. Wow!

It is that simple. no arguments, no fuss.
Who else will give you that guarantee?

How can I do this? Because if you don't like your artwork will be the first! The last thing I want is a disgruntled customer.

If I promise a completion date it has always been met. I have never missed yet. This is because I am not greedy and am realistic about my workload.

Feel free to phone me at paintpaws at any stage of the process.

With the larger pet portraits on canvas I try and e-mail you a photo or two while they are a work in progress. I am sorry but I cannot do this for the A4 pencil portraits or in times of high demand like just before Xmas.

pet portrait,julie hollinshead

Assuring you of 100% customer service at all times.

Julie Hollinshead Paintpaws Pet Portraits Milton Keynes