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Portrait of a child

I am well known for my pet portraits, but I do paint other subjects too! This portrait of a child was recently commissioned by a returning customer of his son. Rendering skin tones in a human portrait in coloured pencils is incredibly difficult to achieve, and a...

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Pet Portrait Christmas Gift

My pet portrait gift vouchers make the perfect Xmas gift for pet owners. The gift voucher entitles the recipient to a beautiful pet portrait which is entirely painted or drawn by hand from their favourite photo and is an original work of art. What a fantastic gift to...

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Cat Portrait

This cat pet portrait is of my own cat Cassie whom I had for over 16 years. I had not attempted her whilst still alive due to the complexities of her tortoiseshell fur which I am now confident in doing! When creating a cat portrait, or any animal portrait,...

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Two Border Collies

I created this pet portrait on A3 heavyweight cardstock with a good amount of tooth ( texture) which picks up pencil pigment (colour) from top quality Prismacolor pencils. The customer had emailed me a variety of photographs of the dogs which I could...

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