Hungarian Vizsla pet portrait dog drawing by Paintpaws

This recent drawing of a Hungarian Vizsla dog called Lady was a pet portrait gift voucher.

It was drawn using Prismacolour Premier artist quality coloured pencils on A4 card. The stunning russet colouring of Hungarian Vizslas was created by mixing a variety of colours from yellows to oranges and even purples! The subtlety in colours is created by layering many light layers of colours and blending last of all with a colourless blender pencil.

I have drawn and painted a few Hungarian Vizslas and I affectionately call them Ginger Ninjas. They are a relatively new breed of hunting dog originating from Hungary. Many people say they are like Velcro with their humans!

Pet portrait gift vouchers make wonderful last minute Christmas, birthday or special anniversary gifts for people who love their pets. They are very popular as the recipients can choose their own favourite photographs and liase with me about how they would like their companions pictures to be created. I put a great deal of effort into getting the character of an animal into a drawing and often ask lots of questions before hand! It is wonderful when people contact me and their opening line is ” You did a drawing of my friends dog and it is wonderful! Would you be able to create a drawing of my dog too?”

As I mentioned, I put a lot of effort into my creations. If I would not hang the picture in my living room, then it gets re-done until satisfied. They say that an artist puts a little of their soul into everything they create. This is true – as well as lots of sweat, sore fingers and years and years of practice.

If you  are thinking of gifting a pet portrait, purchasing a gift voucher, or even asking me to create a lasting memory of your pet, please give me a call. I really don’t bite!!